Pumpkins for Pigs (Again!)

This year we are hoping to divert even more pumpkins than last year!

Help us rescue pumpkins from the compost this Halloween!

With your help we can divert food waste and bring some tasty, nutritious snacks to some pigs at local farms.

What can you do? 
1) Be a contact-less collection point on Nov 1 for your neighbours (we can send you a sign to print out for your yard or make your own “Pumpkin Drop-off” sign)
2) Deliver pumpkins. If you have a trailer, truck or are willing to use your trunk, offer to deliver pumpkins from these collection points to Mooney’s Bay on Nov 2nd (will message the exact location- but the pumpkins in the front yard will likely be obvious!)
3) Help promote this initiative by sharing, liking, commenting or tweeting it!

And obviously if you are planning to eat the pumpkin yourself, even better!

Email us at osean_email@ottawasouthecoactionnetwork.ca

Check out this article in Capital Current showcasing our Pumpkins for Pigs initiative:

Halloween’s pumpkin problem: Anti-waste advocates urge end to doorstep-landfill horror show.

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