Pumpkins for Pigs 2021!

Thanks to All of You who took the time to drop off your pumpkins! We collected well over 1000 pumpkins this year. So many happy pigs! Given the great support for this event, we are looking forward to our fourth year of Pumpkins for Pigs next fall! [Any extra pumpkins, please put them in your green bin or compost.]

CBC and CTV kindly highlighted Pumpkins for Pigs this year. Check out their video and audio clips here:



This year, intact pumpkins were also delivered to Food for Thought Cafe to help combat food insecurity. Pumpkins were transformed into a nutritious fall-inspired meal for their clients. You can link to their website here: https://www.foodforthought.cafe

4 thoughts on “Pumpkins for Pigs 2021!”

    1. Pumpkins for Pigs is just a South Ottawa initiative, but maybe someone in your area will start their own Pumpkin Collection next year. Keep your ears to the ground or maybe start your own? Reach out next fall if you are still interested.

  1. I think this is a great idea. I will reach out next year and plan a drop off in my area.

  2. Thanks for the offer. Our window for collecting pumpkins was very short – just until Nov 2. Any pumpkins you have, please put them in your green bin or compost.

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