How Can I Help?

How Can I Help? is an occasional blog to give people ideas about ways to help build a sustainable community.

Spring cleaning? Be sure to check out the City of Ottawa’s Waste Explorer (

Renovating? Consider taking your lumber waste or discarded working appliances to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore (  

Want to do more? 

Call, or contact your city councillor, MPP or MP and share your concerns. 

Donate your time or your money to an environmental advocacy group like Ecology Ottawa, Ottawa Riverkeepers, Environmental Defense, Nature Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund. Local groups are many and diverse and they are looking for your support and ideas.

Call your favourite stores, ask to speak with their sustainability management and tell them you are concerned about the carbon footprint of its products. Share ideas you have with them. Ask them about their sustainability plans. 

Buy better products and reuse, recycle, resell them after. Take your old clothes and fabrics to Value Village or hold a clothing exchange. 

Shop at stores that are committed to reducing waste, improving product lifetime and repair, or that participate in recycling or Take it Back! programs. 

Send us your ideas!

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