Pollinator Patches

As part of OSEAN’s initiative to help our pollinators and to promote food sustainability, Ottawa South Eco Action Network is running a Pollinator Patch Project throughout 2021/2022 in the River, Alta Vista, and Gloucester-Southgate wards thanks to a grant from the City of Ottawa.

The program consists of 25 participants who came on board in fall 2021 and are learning how to prepare their selected patch for planting in spring 2022. Most of the resources we provide are also available for the general public, and can be found throughout this webpage. 

Participants of the program will not only have beautiful plants blooming each year and contribute to the urgent need of habitats for pollinators, but they’ll also gain valuable knowledge in building pollinator patches and learn the importance of pollinator habitats for the ecosystem we call Earth.

Throughout the program OSEAN will: prepare the participants with the knowledge to plant, grow and maintain their new pollinator patch; equip them with native seeds or seedlings; supply lawn signs explaining that they are participating in our program and that the area is being managed by them; and provide them with a better understanding of Ottawa’s By-laws that affect everyone’s yards.

Read our Program Guide for more details on the program itself, and if you’re interested in taking part another year then you can fill out this form.

  • You can read our Pollinator Patch Resource Document for further links to help you build your own pollinator patch knowledge
  • You can watch our presentation by Berit Erickson to learn how to select the right area for your yard, how to prepare that area, and then how to design your patch based on how much sun and shade the area gets. The slides can be found here
  • If you’d like to have a yard sign such as the one above, then you can fill out our yard sign form to show your interest, and we’ll get back to you when we’re ready to order and to confirm your request.

Thank you so much to our supporters:

City of Ottawa; Naturaide (http://www.naturaide.ca); Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library (https://wildflowerseedlibrary.ca); Ecoasis Landscape Restorations (http://www.ecoasisrestoration.ca); Fletcher Wildlife Garden (https://ofnc.ca/programs/fletcher-wildlife-garden); Green Thumb Garden Centre (https://www.greenthumbgarden.ca/

Pollinator on milkweed flower