Invasive Species Program

As part of OSEAN’s initiative to protect green spaces and wildlife, Ottawa South Eco-Action Network is running an Invasive Species Program in the River, Alta Vista, and Gloucester-Southgate wards thanks to a microgrant from the Invasive Species Centre.

The program consists of 4 events that will provide education on the most common/problematic invasive species in our yards and parks of Ottawa South: dog strangling vine, garlic mustard, buckthorn, and periwinkle. Experts Iola Price and Sandy Garland will be joining each of these events where they will discuss why invasive plants are a problem, how to identify them, and how to remove them properly.

The first event in April was an educational webinar held virtually over zoom, and you can find the recording of the webinar here. The following 3 events will be in-person where you’ll gain hands-on experience identifying and removing invasive plants, and you can register your interest for the in-person events here

🌱 Keeping Ottawa South Green: Identifying and Removing Invasive Plant Species (webinar

Tuesday, 26th April, 2022, 6-7pm

🌱 Riverview Park: Dog Strangling Vine and Garlic Mustard Removal (in-person)

Saturday, 14th May, 2022, 10am

🌱 Brewer’s Park: Buckthorn Removal (in-person)

Sunday, 29th May, 2022, 1pm

🌱 Brookfield High School: Dog Strangling Vine Removal (in-person)

Monday, 4th July, 2022, 6pm

© 2018 Björn S. (garlic mustard) / © 2017 Jo Zimny Photos (common buckthorn) / © 2015 David Nisbet (dog strangling vine) / © 2011 Peter Roan (periwinkle) 

We have created this series because we understand the negative impacts invasive species cause in our communities and green spaces, and we want to make a difference. All of our events will be within city restrictions, and all in-person events that involve actual removal and digging of land have site access and permission.

Thank you for helping Ottawa protect and preserve biodiversity by taking back our green spaces from invasive species. 

Discover more about invasive plants in Ontario from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council:

Thank you so much to our supporters:

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