Front Yard Garden Contest

As part of OSEAN’s initiative to help our pollinators and to promote food sustainability, Ottawa South Eco Action Network ran its inaugural 2021 Front Yard Garden Contest in the River, Alta Vista and Capital wards over the summer from June until September. And what a success!

Residents from across our three wards submitted photos of their gardens which showed how they are increasing the habitat for pollinators and combating food insecurity, one front yard at a time. We were inspired by gardens both big and small. We know not everyone will be able to convert their entire front yard to a pollinator paradise, but the great news is, we don’t need to.

Imagine the impact we could have if every front yard transformed just a small patch of plants for pollinators. We could create a connected pathway of food and shelter from garden to garden.


Special mention goes to this participating garden

View our 2021 participants’ gardens.  

We hope these gardens will inspire you to convert a part of your lawn to protect and preserve biodiversity.

If you want to make a pollinator patch yourself but aren’t sure where to start, check out our Pollinator Patch Pilot Program where we have provided handy tips and resources for you to get started.

A BIG Thank You to our sponsors for the 2021 Front Yard Garden Contest (all participants received a prize from one of our many supporters):

City of Ottawa (CEGEP grant)

Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc. (

Beyond the House Garden Centre (

Les Serres Robert Plante Greenhouses (

Terra20 (

The Box of Life (Indoor Worm Composting) (

Naturaide (

Fletcher Wildlife Garden (

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