Cloth Diapers

One of our OSEAN initiatives is to simplify the transition to using cloth diapers. Did you know that the average family will use between 3000-5000 disposable diapers per child and that they take hundreds of years to break down in our current landfills? This means your child’s diapers will outlive their grandchildren! 

We have started a free trial program to allow families to try cloth diapering risk free to see if it is something that will work for their family. We provide a diaper package tailored to the age of the child (from newborn to toddler), which contains a variety of styles and brands (25-30 different diapers in each package).  When the family picks up the kit, we also provide a brief introduction to cloth diapering which covers fit, styles, laundry and where to buy new or used diapers.

So far, our program has reached approximately 15 families and all of them have switched to reusable diapers. That means more than 25000 diapers have been saved from the landfill in just one year!

Contact us today to learn more or share this page with families you know (

Recently, Marianne gave a virtual presentation on using cloth diapers. Feel free to check out the video and explore the topics below. Contact us with any questions or to sign up for a cloth diaper trial (

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