Welcome to Ottawa South Eco-Action Network (OSEAN)

Mission Statement:

Ottawa South Eco Action Network (OSEAN) is a group of volunteer environmental activists working in Ottawa South. Our aim is to support people in our area who are taking action in motivating and enabling others to become low waste households, protecting green spaces and wildlife, combatting climate change, and encouraging the government to pass more sustainable legislation. We believe in thinking globally and acting locally. 

OSEAN welcomes all residents of Ottawa South who want to add their voice and energy to build a more sustainable Ottawa.

Meetings are held once a month. See our Contact page to get in touch.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Ottawa South Eco-Action Network (OSEAN)”

  1. I am not a resident of Ottawa South but I want to voice my strong support for the editorial about the use of road salt in today’s Citizen. I have tried to influence real reduction in the use of this toxic substance for years. Despite the claim many years ago by federal politicians that road salt would gradually be phased out before it was officially declared toxic by Environment Canada, that has not happened.
    I am nearly 80 and a keen winter pedestrian. Because of the low priority given to sidewalk safety and because of the use of copious amounts of salt on our sidewalks, I often find it less hazardous to walk on the streets!
    Whenever I try to address this I am brushed off by the city with replies like – “we are constantly working to reduce the amount of salt on our roads and sidewalks” which belies reality.
    I am willing to support and assist any efforts to stop the use of salt on our sidewalks and roads.

  2. Great Citizen article and well written by Marianne Ariganello.

    More creeks need to be assessed. Any advice on how to get it done for Huntley Creek? Portland cement dust and limestone gravel dust as bad as salt?

    Kindest wishes from Carp,


  3. Hi: I saw the good article about salt use in the Ottawa Citizen. Well done, Marianne.
    You may be aware of the air pollution resulting from salt use. Here’s just one of many sources on that subject:
    I am leading a project on air quality here in Ottawa and if there’s interest, I would like to chat with someone from your group on that subject. There are undoubtedly air pollution hot spots in your community that residents should know about. Would you like to chat? I think we could share some common interests.

    1. Hi Jake,

      Thanks so much for reaching out! OSEAN holds meetings once a month and we often welcome new voices who come to share information. Our next meeting is via Zoom Tuesday, March 16th at 6:30pm. If you would like a link to join, you are welcome to come and introduce yourself and your topic. We can look at next steps from there. If you’re interested, email OSEAN.info@gmail.com

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